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Xiamen Software Park Άς


       Xiamen Sofeware Phase II: It located in the east of Xiamen Island, it has beautiful neighboring environment, and there are only hundred meters from ring island road. The park has a building area of 1 square kilometer, with refine and advanced architecture design, and modern texture. It is a beautiful garden IT scientific city. Its total construction footage is approximate 1.63 million square meters. Xiamen software phase II adopted new construction model, with effective construction and excellence quality. It’s construction cycle time is about one year and a half. All R& D Buildings will be finished in the middle of year 2006, except hotel apartments will be finished in the beginning of year 2007, and those service related facilities will be completed by the end of 2006. To support development of software industry, the R&D Buildings will be sole at 2500-3000RMB per square meter, lower than the market price. In order to resolve the enterprises technical personnel’s housing problem, preferential price for apartment renting will be provided. Phase II Buildings are completely ready for investors now.

Xiamen Software Park Phase II layout plans

         Xiamen Software Park Phase II has all the necessary neighbor living facilities; infrastructure facilities in the park are from soups to nuts. There are a lot of styles of R&D Buildings available,such as villa style, slope style, courtyard style and other more than dozens of styles. It also has hotel apartments, club, relaxation center and public service building. Telecommunication Operation Company, bank, the Administration of Industry and Commerce, taxation and other service sectors will be joined in to provide close services to enterprises in the park.