It is Hi-tech enterprises and industrial "Big Incubator", and hot spot fot scale Hi-tech enterprise.
Major Incentives For Forign Investment

Major Incentives For Foreign Investment
In addition to the supportive policies provided by the State for software enterprises, enterprises investing in Xiamen Software Park are also entitled to the following preferential policies:

1. Xiamen Software Park offers low-cost R&D and office premises for enterprises launching operations in the park. Space in the R&D Building of the second phase is available for a selling price (cost price) starting at RMB 3,000 Yuan per square meter or for a rental price starting at RMB 20 Yuan per square meter per month.

2、150% of the technology development fees actually incurred by an enterprise during the current year may be deducted from the enterprise’s taxable incomes for the same year.If the technology development fees actually incurred exceed the enterprise’s taxable incomes for the year,the excess may be deducted from the enterprise’s taxable incomes in the next five years in accordance with the tax law.If the provision made by the enterprise for its employee education fund is not more than 2.5% of its taxable payroll,this provision may be deducted from the corporate income tax payable.

3. Encourage export orientated software enterprises to obtain CMM certification. Government will grant appropriate support in terms of certification expenses.

4、To encourage cartoon animation enterprise's development, Xiamen municipal government adopts a lot of preferential measures and incentive policies to support cartoon animation enterprises for its research and development, sales, promotion and exportation. Details as following:
1).The original movie and television cartoon products of cartoon animation enterprise which approved by Xiamen municipal cartoon animation industry development leadership group, and it was broadcasted on provincial or (deputy provincial) television station, the enterprise will enjoy one time incentive, two dimension cartoon product will be paid 500RMB per minute, and three dimension cartoon product is 1000RMB per minute, but the total incentive should not higher than one million RMB. If its product was broadcasting on China Central Television, it will entitle with one time incentive, two-dimension cartoon product is 1000RMB per minute, and 2000RMB per minute for three dimension ones.? However the total amount should no higher than 2million RMB. If it was broadcasted on several television stations, the incentive will follow the higher one, but will not be double count.
2).Original cartoon animation products, which were granted significant international award, will be entitled with 1 million RMB one time inventive, received national, provincial and municipal level significant awards, will enjoy 600,000RMB, 400,000RMB and 100,000RMB one time incentive respectively. Advanced cartoon products, which were recommended by National Broadcasting and Television General Administration for broadcasted priority, the enterprise would enjoy 200,000RMB one time incentive. For those original cartoon animation games, which approved by National Publication General Bureau and Culture Ministry and put into formally operation, will receive 100,000RMB of incentive. If National Publication General Bureau and Culture Ministry award it as promoting intelligence game, each program will enjoy 200,000RMB incentive, receiving multiple awards will enjoy the most the highest one but will not double count.
3). If cartoon animation enterprise exports its product to other country or offshore, it will enjoy Xiamen municipal government’s supportive policy for export trading, at the some time it also enjoys 200,000RMB award by producing 1 million to 5 million USD export value. If export value reaches 5 million to 10 million USD, it will enjoy 300,000RMB incentive. If the export value exceeds 10 million USD, then it will enjoy 400,000RMB incentive.
4).New setting up cartoon animation enterprises (exclusive one person limited company), registered capital is over 3million RMB (including 3million), Apart meeting national laws and rules related requirements, registered capital be able to in place within three years by three phases, however the first phase’s registered capital should not lower than 30 percent of total apply registered capital. Before the total registered capital is in place, enterprise should take the responsibility of total registered capital.
5).Examined and verified cartoon animation enterprises will be able to loan from Xiamen bank, for the purpose of cartoon animation product creation, it will entitle with 50 interest off, and total amount should over loan period actually paid taxes which for local retention. The interest reduction period should not exceed 3 years.
6).Examined and verified Cartoon animation enterprises will enjoy relative preferential policies, if it purchases R&D Building from Xiamen Software Park Production Base cartoon area. Renting buildings for production and R&D from the park, its rental will enjoy favorable policy. It has the privilege to access the public technical facilities service platform with preferential price.

5.There is no limitation on the percentage of high-tech achievements valuated as part of the registered capital. The minimum registered capital of a limited liability company is RMB 30,000 Yuan or equivalent in a convertible foreign currency.

6、The time limit for capital contribution by enterprises is extended.Subject to approval,an enterprise which has contributed 80% of its registered capital within the past two years may extend the deadline for the enterprise to contribute the remainder by one year.An enterprise which has a registered capital of more than RMB 10 millon and whose main operations include investment is allowed to contribute to its registered capital in installments over a five-year period.

7.Proceeds from the public finance of the Torch High-tech Zone are used to set up a dedicated technology innovation fund matching the National Technology Innovation Foundation for Small and Medium-sized High-tech Enterprises. The fund supports technological innovations by providing subsidies for interest on loans, guarantees for loans, gratuitous aid and capital-in-cash injection. A project receiving a grant from the National Innovation Foundation will be given a matching fund of up to RMB 500,000 Yuan and up to RMB 1 million Yuan in the case of major projects.

8、The high-tech zone encourages enterprises based at the zone to create conditions to set up post-doctoral scientific research work stations.Such stations are entitled to the preferential policies of not only the State and Xiamen and but also the high-tech zone.Xiamen Municipal Government offers a grant of RMB 2 million to each new post-docortal scientific research work station.The high-tech zone provides an additional grant of RMB 1 millin to each station which has received a grant from Xiamen Municipal Government.

9. Enterprises are encouraged to create the right conditions to set up public technology platforms. Accredited city-level corporate technology centers, engineering (technology) R&D centers and other corporate R&D entities will each receive a technology support fund of RMB 500,000 Yuan, while accredited national-level ones will each be given a technology support fund of RMB 2 million Yuan.

10. The person-in-charge and three to 10 key R&D personnel of an independent R&D organization accredited by the Torch High-tech Zone Administrative Committee will, for eight years starting from the date of their employment at the said R&D organization, receive a 50% refund of the portion of their payments of individual income taxes that has actually been retained for the public finance of the Torch High-tech Zone.

11、Encourages enterprises to implement a branding strategy,develop brand-name products,and build famous and renowned trademarks.An enterprise which has earned accreditation for a municipal or higher-level brand-name product or renowned trademark will be given a one-off reward from the high-tech zone’s public finance.An enterprise which has earned accreditation for a China brand-name product or China renowned trademark will be given a reward of RMB 1 million from the city’s public finance and a reward of RMB 500,000 from the high-tech zone’s public finance.An enterprise which has earned accreditation for a provincial-level brand-name product or renowned trademark will be given a one-off reward of RMB 150,000.An enterprise which has earned accreditation for a municipal-level renowned trademark will be given a one-off reward of RMB30,000.

12、Enterprises are encouraged to purchase patents and technoligies which will help improve the core competitiveness of the city’s industries and to and absorb and renovate such patents and technologies.Technology introduction fees,after verification,may be accounted for as the enterprise’s technology spending,and a reward of up to RMB500,000 per case will be provided.Enterprises are encouraged to embark on the application and industrialized production of invention patents.Any enterprise based in Xiamen which has manufactured a product with an invention patent for the first time in China will,after verification,be given a supporting fund equal to 50% of the portion of the product’s VAT paid to the local public finance;this fund is applicable for a period of two years starting from the first date of the sales of the product.A maximum 10% of the after-tax net profits from the commercialization of a technology achievement will be given to the individual creator as a reward.The Municipal Government offers subsidies to invention and utility model patents granted by domestic or overseas agencies.A single invention or utility model winning patents from more than two developed countries is eligible for a subsidy of up to RMB70,000.Xiamen Torch High-tech Zone encourages enterprises to create,introduce and protect intellectual property rights and to embark on industrialized production using patented technologies.Enterprises based at the high-tech zone may apply for dedicated grants from the Municipal Government for patent filings;they will also be given funding support in this regard by the high-tech zone.

13、Business Registration: Provide free whole-course business registration service, it including project application, business registration, and tax registration.

14、The High-tech Zone Administration Committee encourages newly founded enterprises based at the zone to set up joint-stock limited liability companies and supports sizable enterprises or a group of related enterprises to set up joint-stock limited liability companies by restructuring.The committee also encourages qualified enterprises to seek listing on domestic and overseas capital markets.The Committee provides advance financial aid to alleviate the financial burden on enterprises transforming ownership systems and filing for listing,and complies with the Municipal Government’s plan to facilitate enterprises
to seek listing;thus,the Municipal Government and the Committee are jointly drawing a road map regarding financial aid for enterprises seeking listing by restructuring.

15.Software professionals introduced by software enterprises who meet the criteria set forth in the Xiamen Regulations on the Policies and Treatment of Talent Introduction are entitled to preferential policies on living conditions, housing and relocation expenses. Enterprises launched by overseas-educated personnel may apply for a grant of up to 49% of the enterprise’s registered capital from the Xiamen Entrepreneurial Support Fund for Overseas Educated Personnel; such personnel are also allowed to repurchase their shares at preferential rates within three years.
16、National Base for Attracting Intelligences: Provides fund assistant to domestic enterprises and joint ventures in terms of attracting foreign expert projects.

17. Xiamen city is applying for status as a state-level service outsourcing base. Relevant supporting preferential policies are currently being constituted.