It is Hi-tech enterprises and industrial "Big Incubator", and hot spot fot scale Hi-tech enterprise.
Enterprise Operation Related Expenses

¡ô 1. Expense for Set up Enterprise
The administrative fees for the whole process of setting up enterprise needs about 1550 to 1850RMB in total, it exclusive Industrial and Commercial registration fees. Industrial and Commercial registration should following below rules: The portion of enterprise registered capital is below 10 million RMB, then it will apply 0.8‰ rate to pay registration fees, the portion of enterprise registered capital is above 10 million RMB, then it will apply 0.4‰ rate to pay registration fees. There is free of registration fees in terms of the portion of registered capital which is above100 million RMB.

¡ô 2. R&D Buildings Rental
Software Park provides favorable price for enterprises to join the park in terms of office renting, rental varied from 20- 38RMB per square meter, property management fee is 2RMB per square meter.
¡ô 3. Broadband Fees
There are four Broadband Service Companies available in Xiamen £ºChina Telecom, China Unicom, China Network, and TeiTong Network. For details please check up with following websites or phones£º
China Telecom£ºhttp://
China Unicom£º
China Network£º £¨0592£©2399123, 2397567
China TieTong Network£º

¡ô 4. Wage (January, 2009)
Foreign Enterprises have the right to decide wage allocation and level. However the employees wage level should not lower than the published Xiamen minimum wage per month per person of that year.
By the end of June 2009, the lowest wage standard should not lower than 900RMB within Xiamen Island. Reference Wage£ºManagement Personnel: 2000-3500RMB, Software Engineer£º2000¡ª6000RMB

¡ô 5. Social Insurance£¨By the end of Year 2009£©
Enterprises should participate social insurance programs accordingly; it should pay pension, unemployed insurance, and medical insurance to Social Insurances Institutes by monthly basis.